Salted Omasum

Salted Omasum

Swamp Eel

Swamp Eel

  • Consistent thickness – each stick is weighed (in grams) and sorted into the appropriate range
  • Truly very low odor (or if not it will be clearly listed)
  • 100% all-natural with no chemicals and sourced from grass-fed, free-ranging Bangladeshi cattle raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics
  • Appealing in appearance – sticks that are strongly blemished, fatty, discolored, flat, misshapen, or cut are sorted out


Raw materials are the most important element in the creation of the best product. We always deal with the slaughterhouse to ensure the fresh product, which makes us produce the best product in the country.


Frontier Pet Foods Limited has its own quality assurance system to make top-quality pet food. Quality assurance & quality efficiency monitoring system reduces the rework & hence improve the production efficiency as well as identify operators who require more training to meet requirements. Checkpoints at all process end ensure better quality products. Our physical examination team ensures that the materials are of a high standard.


As an emerging pet food-manufacturing unit, Frontier pet foods limited has a good capacity in Bully Sticks. The present production capacity is about 3,000~4,000 kilos per month, which is increasing.

100% All-Natural with No Chemicals

  • Our bully sticks are sourced from grass-fed, free-ranging Bangladeshi cattle that are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics.
  • No chlorine, no hypochlorite, no metabisulfite, and no Biosure in our bully sticks.
  • Many bully stick producers use a solution of water mixed with one of these ingredients to soak the raw bully sticks in.
  • Typically, this is used if their raw material is not especially fresh, and these substances are used to help limit odour and/or produce a desired colour.